Chipper rental & services

1) Chipper Hire Only

We provide the machine with a Trained Operator.

  • Maintenance & Insurance  is included
  • Transport rates to and from site can be negotiated – discounted for long term projects
  • 8 Years chipping experience at your disposal
  • Excellent quality Tomcat and Bandit Industrial chippers for optimal productivity
  • Choice of 3″, 8″, 10″ 12”, 15” and 18” Chippers. (8cm, 20cm, 24cm, 30cm, 40cm, 45cm infeed Capacity)
  • Tractor rental available for inaccessible sites

2) Chipper with Labour

We supply your choice of machine with an operator and experienced labourers.

  • All safety equipment supplied together with relevant Occupational health insurance coverage and all risk insurance
  • Rates can be negotiated
  • Daily transport included

3) Complete solution

Contact us for a quote to manage the complete job

  • Cut or fell trees & brush
  • Stack and prepare for chipping
  • Chip all material
  • Poison or remove roots as required
  • Ideal for Orchard clearing/maintenance or  site clearing


Our Bobcat SG60 Stumpgrinder is one of the largest in the business. It can handle any size of tree stump safely and  easily. For smaller projects we utilise a mobile Bandit.

Stumps get ground down to between 200mm and 300mm below ground level to facilitate paving, lawn or gardening.

Give us a call to quote on a specific job. Stumpgrinder pic

Chippers & Machinery available

*All machine rental (except CDT80) include a trained operator but excludes fuel & VAT.


Tomcat 3″   (75mm)

Model CDT 80

Tomcat 10″ (240mm)

Model AFE200

Bearcat 8″ (200mm)

Model CH8993H with Turntable

Tomcat 10″ (240mm)

Model 2500 10″

3 x Bandit 12″   (320mm)

 Model 990/1090 XP 12″

Bandit 15″  (380mm)

Model 1390/254 15″ 

2 x Bandit 18″  (450mm)

Model 1590 17″ 

Bobcat SG60 Stumpgrinder



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