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Wood chipping, stump grinding and mulching by service specialists.
Machine hire with, or without, trained operators and labour.

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Environmental concerns and economic benefits all play a part when deciding on the method to be used when disposing of green waste. Past practices such as burning and dumping are falling by the wayside – here’s why you should use woodchippers.

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Chipper Rental Rates

*Prices include a trained operator, excludes fuel and VAT.

 * Long term rental discount applies. Rate / day

Tomcat 3″   (80mm)

Model CDT 80
R 1000

Bearcat 8″ (200mm)

Model CH8993H with Turntable
R 2500

Tomcat 10″ (240mm)

R 2500
Model 2500 10″

Bandit 12″   (320mm)

R 3500
 Model 990/1090 XP 12″

Bandit 15″  (380mm)

 R 4000
Model 1390/254 15″ 

Bandit 17″   (420mm)

R 4500 
Model 1590 17″ 



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